Carrier H4 Hybrid

Harris Aerial is proud to announce our Carrier H4 Hybrid drone is now in production. Powered by our H2000 Hybrid Generator, the  Carrier H4  is a Gas/Electric ("Hybrid") Drone capable of 3-5 hours of flight time depending on payload configuration.


The Carrier H4 Hybrid drone can be configured to carry up variety of different sensory payloads such as HD zoom cameras, thermal imaging cameras, hyperspectral cameras, and LiDAR.  The recommended payload is 3kg, allowing for up to 5 hours of flight.  The max payload is 5kg, which allows for approx. 1.5 hours of flight.  ~5hrs max with minimal payload


  • Power on Demand, for short POD. 

  • Generator and battery dual power. 

  • High efficiency AC-DC algorithm. 

  • Limp Mode.
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Carrier H4 Hybrid Drone


  • Wheelbase: 1376mm
  • All-Up Weight (No Payload): 13kg (No Fuel) / 15.1kg (With Fuel)
  • Max Take-Off Weight: 21kg Max
  • Speed: 15m/s
  • Flight Time: 3 hours (4L Fuel)
  • Max Flight Time: 5 hours
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Fuel Tank: 4.3L
H2000 Generator
  • Weight: 4.0kg(8.8lbs) w/o Accessories /5.2kg(11.5lbs)
  • Total Power: 1.8kW(2.4hp) Continuous /2.0kW(2.6hp) Max. Power
  • Dimensions:(L x W x H) 260 x 312 x 325 mm/10 x 12 x 12 in
  • Fuel consumption: 750 g/kw·h(hovering 1.5 L/h)
  • Service Temperature: -20 ~ 40 °C
  • Ceiling (above the sea): 2000 m