Carrier Hx8

Harris Aerial proudly presents our flagship Carrier Hx8 drone. Harris Aerial began development on the Carrier Hx8 Octocopter Drone in response to industrial, scientific, and military demand for a redundant unmanned multirotor drone capable of carrying payloads not offered by your typical commercial drones. With stowage and flight readiness in mind, the Hx8 framework and other utilized hardware have been thoughtfully designed with over 3 years of development. The Carrier Hx8 drone is manufactured in the USA with the highest tolerances to ensure the ultimate satisfaction for both the RTF (ready-to-fly) and DIY (do-it-yourself) customer.

To see real-life applications demonstrated by our Carrier Hx8, visit our Solutions webpage!


Our battery racks are equipped with four 22,000–30,000 mAh lithium polymer batteries at a time.  Our battery quick release system is simple to use and extremely efficient. 

(Patent Pending)

How it works:

  • Drop the battery rack inside the battery rack bay in the center of the drone.
  • Close the canopy over the batteries
  • Latch the canopy down to a hook located on the other side of the drone’s top frame plate and insert the safety pin into the draw latch as a safety measure.


  • Swap out up to 4x 30,000 mAh LiPo batteries in just seconds.
  • Securely fastens the batteries in the drone
  • Protects from dust and water
  • Able to mount multiple positioning sensors, including GPS/GNSS, RTK GPS, and 360 LiDAR to the canopy.

Collapsible Booms

The Stark Hx8’s patent-pending foldable design crowns the Stark Hx8 as the most transportable heavy-lift drone on the market. The Hx8 folds down to 45 percent of its size, with propellers attached! Short booms and a larger frame allow for better weight distribution and stability.


Collapsible Booms

The Carrier Hx8’s patent-pending foldable design crowns the Hx8 as the most foldable heavy-lift drone on the market.  The Carrier’s booms can be secured in their ready position in just seconds with our rapid release pins.

How it Works:

  • Lift up on the release pin and slightly twist it to keep it in its retracted position.
  • Rotate the boom into its desired position (flight-ready or travel mode)
  • For flight-ready mode, line boom up with the rapid release pin, lift and twist pin slightly to penetrate the grommeted hole on top of the boom.


  • The Hx8 folds down to 45 percent of its flight-ready size, with propellers attached.
  • Aluminum exoskeleton and carbon fiber material allow for booms to be easily mended in the field.

Versatile Payload Bay

The Carrier Hx8’s dovetail quick release system located on the drone’s flight controller bay and payload bay allows for for a sturdy, simple, and quick attachment/detachment of the from the Carrier’s top assembly to its payload bay + landing gear bottom assembly (Patent Pending)


  • Large compartment for varying payload types, including:
    • LiDAR and Photogrammetry 3D Mapping Packages
    • Hyperspectral cameras
    • Thermal imaging cameras
    • HD zoom cameras
    • Agricultural spray systems
    • Payload releases
    • Toxic gas sensors for first responders
    • Search and rescue equipment
  • See our Carrier Hx8 AG Sprayer drone to see how we are able to integrate massive payloads easily with our quick release dovetail system.
  • Our quick release dovetail system allows users to quickly swap between different payload bay assemblies in just seconds.

***We offer custom attachments and solutions for unique, application-specific payloads.

Foldable Landing Gear

With durable CNC foldable arm joints, our landing gear system allows the user to fold the landing skids inward for easy and fast transport.  (Patent Pending)

How it works:

  • The drone pilot simply detaches the payload with our circular quick release or other custom quick release*
  • Pull up latches on the side of the foldable arm joints
  • Fold down the landing gear, and then transport the drone


  • With up to 21” wide of mounting space*, the Hx8 is capable of carrying massive payloads**
  • Composed of Carbon Fiber and Lightweight Onyx Material (tough nylon with micro-carbon reinforcement)
  • Leave Go-Pro sized HD camera and/or Flir-sized Thermal Imaging camera attached when folded down for transport.

*In-house CNC, routing, and 3D printing available for custom attachments available upon request.

**Customizations for integration of wider payloads available

Foldable Landing Gear

Our landing gear system allows the user to fold the landing skids inward for easy transport. This allows the user the option of simply detaching their payload to transport the drone without removing the entire payload bay.


360° LIDAR for Object Avoidance

The Carrier Hx8 has an optional 360 degree LiDAR obstacle avoidance system that can be mounted on the top of the drone in the center of the battery canopy.

How it Works:

  • As the LIDAR spins, its laser detects how far objects are away with centimeter-level accuracy.
  • Provides drone with simultaneous localization and mapping intelligence
  • The drone will stop its movement if it gets too close (programmed at 2m) obstacle in its flight path.
    • This is useful for many applications where line-of-sight is an issue.


With a 68-71” wingspan depending on propeller size & platform series chosen, the geometry of the Carrier Hx8 is incredibly stable at very high speeds

Stark HX8 specs