Antigravity T-MOTOR MN2214 KV920


Harris Aerial presents the Antigravity T-MOTOR MN2214 KV920. Perfect upgrade to get more power, higher efficiency, and longer flight time from your Phantom or Phantom 2. 
Works with the stock DJI Phantom props, the Phantom 2 self-tightening props, or combine with our T-MOTOR antiGravity 9x3 gloss white carbon fiber props (sold separately) for even more stiffness and performance improvement!

Warning: Two of four included prop nuts are counter-clockwise threaded to reduce the risk of counter rotating props loosening in flight. Do not make the mistake of thinking these two nuts are fused to the threads; instead just rotate clockwise to loosen! See included instruction sheet for more info.


  • Specs

    Power: 920KV, 17A 251W max power (14.8V, 180 seconds

    Input: 3-4S LiPo

    Dimensions: Stator 22mm x 1A4mm, motor 28 x 28mm

    Weight: 57g

    Efficiency: Max (2.5-8A) > 80%, Idle 0.75A @ 10v

    Internal resistance: 98 milliohms.