Futaba T10J Heli 10-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio


Harris Aerial presents the Futaba. Its full list of features is below, but here are a few of the best: 10 channels, telemetry capable, fully programmable and user updateable. The functions can be assigned to a multitude sticks, switches, knobs and levers. The telemetry data can be viewed on the backlit LCD screen and audibly reported through headphones. Three buttons and a jog dial make it exceptionally easy to program. Plus, it's light weight, easy to handle and equipped with an astonishing 30 model memory. Updating is simple, so your transmitter will never be out of date.

All those features and more are included in a radio that's also the first to have multi-rotor helicopter programming. It's perfect for a whole host of applications: Airplane, helicopter, glider and multi-rotor menus are all included.


  • Features

    Futaba T-FHSS, S-FHSS 2.4GHz security

    Airplane, heli, glider and multi-rotor software

    30-model memory

    S.Bus capable T-FHSS receiver


    Synthesized voice for telemetry data

    Vibration alerts for alarm conditions and low battery

    User-updatable software (requires optional CIU-2 interface)

    Wireless data transfer among 10J transmitters

    Built-in S.Bus programming link for S.Bus servos

    10-character model and user naming

    Large (128 x 64 dot) backlit LCD display

    10 channels (one variable knob, five 2-position switches, two 3-position switches, one momentary switch, two digital levers)