Carrier Ground Control Station (C-GCS)

Introducing our Professional Ground Control Station with a choice of dual or single HD Video Display, Mission Planning Screen, Smooth 3-axis joystick, and much more.  C-GCS is fully compatible with all of Harris Aerial's Carrier drones and easily integrated with most third-party drone platforms.  C-GCS is a revolutionary break-through in safe and easy operation of unmanned aerial vehicles.  

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Channels: 12 Channel Functionality
Dual Displays: LG Display"' 10.4" LED 1200NIT Sunlight Viewable
GCS Interface: Desert Rotor GCS Smart View TM OSD
RF Compatibility: TBS Crossfire / DragonLink"' /RFD / Microhard"'
Auxiliary Bay 1: Plug-in-Play Video Receivers / Transmitter Modules Plug-in-Play 4G/LTE Radio / Microhard"' Modems
Battery: 4S LI-ION 5.2Ah (Run Two in Parallel for 10.4Ah)
Flight Controls: HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick) Layout APEM 55'M Hall Effect - 3-AXIS / 2-Top Button
Throttle: Delrin Machined Precision Slide Potentiometer
2-AXIS Payload & Gimbal Controls w/Dial
Switch Array:  6-POS/3-POS/2-POS/Guarded/Button/Rotary
Embedded PC: Logic Supply™ lntel/DIMM/SSD Storage/Windows
Wireless: Intel 8260 M.2 Wi-Fi AC, Bluetooth 4.0, vPro
Peripherals: Integrated Keyboard & Hula Point™ Mouse Sensor
Case: Pelican"' 1510 (22" x 13.81" x 9") L x W x D - 2SLBS
Color: Black Onyx or Desert Gold
Temp Range: 0 ~42° Celsius

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