Carrier H6 Hybrid

The Carrier H6 Hybrid is our flagship heavy-lift gas-electric hybrid drone powered by either our H2400 EFI generator.  The Carrier H6 Hybrid’s airframe is fully convertible to hydrogen-electric (Carrier H6 Hydrone), or fully electric (Carrier H6 HE+).  The H6 is the only aircraft in the world that has three power formats, all of which take just minutes in conversion times.

The Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+ is equipped with the H2400 generator providing 2400W of continuous power. The system can fly for up to 2.5 hours with a 4kg payload.. The max payload is 5kg allowing up to 1.5hrs of flight.

The system is popular for many applications including but not limited to: LiDAR surveying, photogrammetry, utility inspections, large corridor mapping, surveillance, and many more.