The Carrier H6 Hybrid is our heavy-lift gas-electric hybrid drone powered by either our H2400 (Carrier H6 HE+) or H5000 (Carrier H6 HL) Hybrid Drone Generator.

The Carrier H6 Hybrid HE+ is equipped with the H2400 generator providing 2400W of continuous power.   The recommended payload is 4kg allowing for up to 2.5hrs of flight.  The max payload is 6kg allowing up to 1.5hrs of flight.

The Carrier H6 Hybrid HL has a max payload capacity of 15kg and can be configured to carry more robust scientific grade sensors, such as multispectral cameras, professional DSLRs for cinematography, and LiDAR.  The H6 Hybrid HL can also be used in heavy-lift applications involving asset transportation and delivery, agricultural spraying, and search and rescue.