The Carrier Hx8 Sprayer Drone

Harris Aerial is proud to present the Carrier Hx8 Spray Drone. After a year of rigorous testing in herbicide application, our Carrier Hx8 Sprayer is finally ready for production.

Possible Applications:

  • Agricultural Spraying (Herbicides, Fertilizer, Pesticides)
  • Chemical side trimming
  • Fertilizing
  • De-Icing (i.e. roofs, turbines)
  • (Patent Pending)


One of a Kind!

The traditional set-up has one spray boom extending out the back of the drone equipped with two boomless nozzles on a tee swivel in the back. The set-up allows for a swath ranging from 24 feet to 35 feet depending on boomless nozzles used. Capable of carrying up to a 6 gallon payload, this spray drone is one of a kind

Range Finder & HD Camera

The spray system is optionally equipped with a 1080p HD camera with tilt/pan servos to control the first-person view orientation. A single-pulsed LIDAR is mounted directly underneath facing straight down for precision spraying applications using terrain following.

How it Works:

  • The LIDAR detects the distance from the drone to the changing terrain below it with centimeter level accuracy,
  • Drone changes its altitude based on readings from LiDAR
  • Allows for a consistent and smooth spray pattern


  • Dovetail quick release mechanism for payload/landing gear swapability and easy maintenance. (Patent Pending)
  • 1080P HD Wide Angle Camera on tilt/pan servos dampened mount for ultimate FPV experience.
  • Single-Pulsed LIDAR Range Finder for precision spraying using Terrain Following.


The Tank

Our AGSprayer tank is one of a kind thanks to a massive collaboration of mechanical, electrical, and materials engineers as well as seasoned spray technicians.

How it Works:

  • The landing skids attach to the tank itself, making the Sprayer system both a spray tank and the drone’s landing gear.
  • The round cylinder design of the tank coupled with the spray pump mounting inside of the tank helps baffle sloshing of the chemical mix during flight.

  • Quick release clamps allow for fast and easy swapping of different boom assemblies. Just loosen the clamps connect the tubing coupling, and tighten the clamp down on the carbon fiber boom.
  • Two side grooves in the back of the tank allow support for custom wet boom or dry boom assemblies.
  • The spray pump is slipped into a cylinder tank holster for protection before being mounted partially inside the tank.
  • Landing skids attach inside the side grooves of the AGSprayer tank.

Chemical Side Trimming Option

An alternative to mechanical cutting is the use of herbicides to control the growth of portions of tree limbs that could affect power lines or roadsides access, safety and visibility. Certain herbicides, when used correctly, can effectively “prune back” only the treated tree limbs while not controlling the whole tree. This is called a chemical side trim application — the herbicide is only applied to the branches of the trees that pose a threat to the right-of-way. This keeps the tree alive, healthy and more aesthetically pleasing, while removing only the problem area of the vegetation.

Chemical side trim applications are executed traditionally from the ground, from truck-mounted sprayers, bucket trucks, or helicopter. With the Carrier Hx8 AG Sprayer drone, you can now side trim by Drone! The same boom assembly used for traditional spraying can be quickly disconnected and reconnected to the tank’s side grooves and a quick release clamping mechanism.