3DR Pixhawk External LED and USB


Harris Aerial presents the 3DR Pixhawk External   LED and USB.

The External LED and USB modules are used to connect to the Pixhawk. Use the provided four-position DF13 cables and connect to the 1^2c splitter module to set up a bright, multicolor LED and convenient USB port for your vehicle.

The system includes:

External USB module
External LED module
Two-four position DF13 cables (15cm)


Extend the RGB lights outside the body of plane, built-in RGB will automatically go out when connect module.
Extend the USB port,in order to link USB cable from outside conveniently and not be resricted by the location of flight control.

Package Included:
1 x PIXHAWK PX4 LED Module



The EAR Export Control Classification Number for this Product is EAR99.