Castle Creations BEC Pro Voltage Regulator


Harris Aerial presents the NEW 20 AMP version! Whether you fly planes or heli’s or dabble in rc rock crawlers these little devices can give your servo’s the full power they need when the ESC’s built in BEC just can’t do it. It gets wired in to your Main Battery and knocks down the voltage to the pre-programmed voltage you set with the use of the CC Field Link for Flying system and your computer. Most servo’s max at 6 volts so take that in mind when using a CC BEC Pro unit. The basic use is great because you can add it to any system to get full power to your servo’s. Current Output: 20A Peak Output Voltage: 5.1 Volts out of the package, but users may set output voltage from 4.8V to 12.5V using the Castle Link for Flying (sold separately) Max Input Voltage: 50v Dimensions: 1.69″ (43mm) x 1.3″(33mm) x 0.94″(24mm Weight: 1oz. (29 grams)

The Castle PRO BEC is intended for use in larger RC cars, electric aircraft, and helis that have high power demands for their radio/servo systems. It is ideal for most electric helis 500-size and larger. It will also work well in larger electric powered RC aircraft and RC crawlers and Monster Trucks that have high-powered servos.


  • Rated for up to 12S input (50.4 volts)
  • Adjustable output voltage (4.8 – 12.5V)
  • Peak Output of up to 20 amps
  • Fully adjustable using the Castle Link USB Adapter and a Windows PC
  • Length: 1.69 in (43mm)
  • Width: 1.3 in (33mm)
  • Height: .94 in (24mm)
  • Weight: 1 oz (29 grams) without wires

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