DJI AVL58 5.8 GHz Video Downlink



  • 1 * DJI 5.8G VideoLink Transmitter with mount and connection cable
  • 1 * DJI 5.8G VideoLink Receiver with connection cable
  • 2 * DJI 5.8G VideoLink Clover Leaf Antenna

The DJI Video Downlink was specially designed to work with the new On Screen Display module, and Zenmuse gimbal, the DJI Downlink works best for professional aerial photography and video. With the OSD module from DJI, voltage, altitude, distance to home, and other features are displayed on screen. This will work with either a PAL or NTSC video transmitter and overlay all this information onto your fpv goggles or monitor. The Wireless Video Link includes both transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) modules, working in the ISM frequency band of 5.8GHz (5725-5865MHz). Analogue modulated video signals are sent wirelessly by the TX module to the RX module, and then the video signal will be demodulated and sent to a display. There are 8 wireless channels can be selected when you are using this product. The characteristics of this product are: small size, low power consumption and high sensitivity.



  • Working frequency 5.8GHz with 8 channels
  • Long range and stable transmission
  • DJI clover leaf antenna . (1.2Km)
  • Support RSMA antenna.
  • Remote channel switch via DJI iOSD
  • Transmission distance: 1.2km
  • Transmit power: 28dBm ± 1dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity:-90dBm ± 2dBm
  • Operating voltage: 3S-6S Li-Po
  • Operating Current: 575mA ± 50mA @ 12V (TX); 90mA ± 10mA @ 12V (RX)
  • Optimum temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
  • Dimension : 500mm x 300mm x 220mm (TX); 555mm x 480mm x 170mm (RX)
  • Weight: 39g (TX) / 49.5g (RX)

Working channel:

  • CH1: 5705MHz CH5: 5885MHz
  • CH2: 5685MHz CH6: 5905MHz
  • CH3: 5665MHz CH7: 5925MHz
  • CH4: 5645MHz CH8: 5945MHz
    (Note : RX module with antenna is about 60g, make sure your UAV can carry this!)

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