DJI Guidance Ultrasonic Visual Sensing System



Guidance is a revolutionary visual sensing system. With a powerful processing core, integrated visual cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and the most advanced computer vision algorithms in the world, Guidance protects your platform and gives you a new level of safety and confidence in flight. Guidance includes five sensor modules and one central processor.

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Suitable for : DJI Matrice 100

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High-precision Vision Positioning

Even without GPS, including indoors, achieve hovering that is accurate to within centimetres. Even when flying at high speeds, high-precision stereo algorithms provide positioning information over nearly all types of terrain. Guidance’s vision positioning system is effective at altitudes of up to 65 feet (20 metres).

Obstacle Sensing In Every Direction

Guidance continuously scans the nearby environment and detects obstacles in real time. When used with a DJI flight controller, it can tell your flight system to automatically avoid collision, even at high speeds.

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  • Physical Parameters

    Guidance Core: 78.5mm x 53.5 mm x 14 mm
    Guidance Sensor: 170 mm x 20 mm x 16.2 mm
    VBUS Cable: 200mm


    Guidance Core: 64 g
    Guidance Sensor (single): 43 g
    VBUS Cable (single): 11.6g

  • Performance Parameters

    Velocity Detection Range: 0~16 m/s (From the ground 2m) (The measurement shall prevail)
    Velocity Detection Accuracy: 0.04 m/s (From the ground 2 m)
    Positioning Accuracy:  0.05m (From the ground 2 m)
    Effective Sensor Range: 0.20 m ~ 20 m
    External Requirements: Good Lighting; Texture-rich surface with clear patterns

  • Hardware Parameters

    Power Consumption: Max. 12 W (with all five Guidance Sensors)
    Input Voltage: 11.1 V ~ 25V
    Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 40 C
    System Interfaces: VBUS x 5, CAN x 1, USB OTG 2.0 x 1, UART x 1
    UART Level: 3.3V

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