GREMSY H3 Stabilized Brushless Gimbal



  •  gMotion Controller, designed and made by Gremsy, based on a 32 bit ARM high speed microprocessor providing super fast response and accurate calculation.
  • Encoder – Ultra high resolution up to 0.005 degree- world’s most highest resolution available in gimbal market
  • IMU sensor – Ultra accurate with temperature compensation and calibration.
  • Auto Tuning Feature – one touch gains optimal settings
  • Built-in stand
  • Battery running time up to 8 hours
  • Simple 5 minutes setup & Balance
  • Quick release top handle to connect/disconnect handle in seconds
  • Dual-operator configuration with remote controls (SBUS or SPEKTRUM).
  • Friendly and intuitive GUI working on multiple platforms: WINDOWS, MACOSX, iOS, Android.
  • Holds camera and lens combinations up to 3.7 lbs / 1.7 kgs
  • Motion control on an ipad apps allows natural pan, tilt and roll.
  • Cameras supported: DSLRs, A7s, GH4, BMPCC …


Quick Release System. Toolless adjustment.

Changing the set up for different cameras configuration is quick and simple thanks to toolless adjustment having in the balancing mechanism. Circular quick release system allows to switch gimbal from handheld to a copter in a matter of seconds.



2.9lbs/1.32kgs (in Handheld mode)


2.1lbs/0.96kgs (in Aerial mode)


3.7lbs/1.7kgs (Handheld & Aerial)

3 flexible operations.

GREMSY H3 offers 3 operations suitable for various conditions:

Ultra accurate IMU sensor.

Precisely calibrated. Innovative auto bias tracking algorithm improve gyro bias stability over time.

High performance gimbal controller.

The heart of the gimbal is gMotion Controller, designed and made by Gremsy based on a 32 bit ARM high speed microprocessor providing fast response and accurate attitude estimation. Sensor data and motors correction are updated as fast as 2000 times per second in order to enable incredibly smooth footage.

Powerful precision direct drive motor.

Custom designed hollow shaft and high torque brushless motor coupled with ultra high resolution encoder provide highest levels of accuracy.

High resolution encoder



Hollow Shaft

Supported radio protocols

SBUS, Spektrum, PPM

Designed for aerial work.

Built as light as possible to achieve longer flight time for aerial shooting. Switching between handheld and copter is quick and simple thanks to circular quick release system.

Switching from handheld to DJI S900


The world’s most advanced horizon drift killer.

CanLink features a can bus adapter coupled with a slip ring and in combination with the gMotion controller offerring the ability to communicate with a DJI flight controller (A3, A2, Naza, Wookong) via CANBUS to correct horizon drift.

Works with DJI flight controllers

A3, A2, Naza, Wookong

Optional Module

Redefining operating.
Ability unleashed.

SYNC is the most revolutionary and intuitive kinetic gimbal controller that allows natural and organic camera movements. Creating new posibilities for complex and impressive shots which have been impossible before. Wireless operating range up to 1000m.

H3 Videos


Canon XC-10 on Gremsy H3 (BTS)

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