Headwall Co-Aligned VNIR-SWIR

• Smallest and lightest instrument in its class
• 400–2,500nm wavelength range
• Dual VNIR & SWIR sensors with co-aligned pixels
• 640 spatial pixels / 270 VNIR and 267 SWIR
spectral pixels

Headwall’s Co-Aligned Dual VNIR-SWIR sensor package with co-aligned pixels for superb imaging performance from 400-2500nm.

Headwall’s VNIR-SWIR imaging sensor leverages a patented aberration-corrected design that provides very high spectral and spatial resolution with stable measurement accuracy. With diffractive optics specifically designed and manufactured by Headwall, the dual hyperspectral sensors do not exhibit image aberrations such as stray light, optical distortions, or thermal instabilities. Along with aberration-corrected imaging, the Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR sensor package offers a wide field of view and high signal-to-noise (SNR) performance. Pixels from both sensors are co-aligned through software.

Headwall’s Hyperspec® VNIR-SWIR sensor provides image data across the broadband range of 400-2500nm, reducing processing times and yielding superior imaging performance. A CMOS FPA is used for the VNIR sensor while a cooled MCT array is used for the SWIR sensor. Inside the enclosure is a high-accuracy GPS/IMU plus the data storage and processing computer. Headwall’s VNIR-SWIR airborne sensor package measures approximately 10.7” x 8.2” x 6.5” in size (272mm x 208mm x 165mm) and weighs approximately 6.25 lb. (2.83 kg), making it suitable for aircraft and certain UAVs.

Key Benefits

  • Superb imaging performance
  • Wideband coverage
  • Pixel co-alignment through software
  • Small form-factor, lightweight
  • Robust and environmentally rugged
  • Aberration-corrected
  • High spatial and spectral resolution
  • Wide field-of-view

Technical Specifications:

SPECTRAL RANGE VNIR (400-1000NM) SWIR (900-2500nm)
SPECTROGRAPH DESIGN High throughput aberration-corrected concentric imager
Spectral Pixels 270 267
Spatial Pixels 640
Detector Pixel Pitch 7.4 microns 15 microns
Dispersion per Pixel 2.2 nm/pixel 6nm/pixel
FWHM Slit Image (nm) 6 10
f/# 2.5
Slit & Grating 20 microns x 6 mm, holographic 10.4mm x 25 mirons, Diamond turned
Grating Efficiency 0.275 Normalised 0.74 Normalised
Residual Smile (microns) <1.5 1.4
Residual Keystone (microns) <1.5 1.8
Sensor Technology CMOS Stirling-cooled MCT
Max Frame Rate (Hz) 350 200
Bit Depth 12 16
Shutter Global
Spatial Resolution  3cm at 50m AGL
Size 272mm x 208mm x 165mm
Weight Instrument: 4.8kg

All up weight: 14.8kg

Power Consumption 26W
Storage 480GB, GigE Connection
Operating Window <80%RH non-condensing, 0-40oC
LIDAR 16 channel Velodyne Puck LITE ™ Gimbal Fixed Mount
GPS Trimble Applanix APX-15


GPS Details PPK, 2cm accuracy

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