Headwall Nano Hyperspec

The Nano-Hyperspec sensor can be combined with optional GPS/IMU capabilities to provide an airborne configuration that is small, light, and fully integrated. The total sensor package with data processor and storage weighs approximately 1.5 lb. (0.6 kg) and measures a scant 3 inch x 3 inch x 4.7 inch (76.2mm x 76.2mm x 119.4mm).

• Professional airborne performance
• Research-grade hyperspectral data
• High payload capacity, long-duration flight times
• Headwall-customized stabilizing gimbal
• Multiple flight-control redundancies
• 270 spectral bands (VNIR 400-1000nm)
• Aberration-corrected imaging, wide FOV
• Airborne hyperspectral software
• Internal SSD data storage
• Maximum Frame Rate up to 350HzNano-Hyperspec
Product Specifications
Wavelength Range 400-1000
Spatial Bands 640
Spectral Bands 270
Dispersion/Pixel (nm/pixel) 2.2
FWHM Slit Image (nm) 6
Integrated 2nd order filter Yes
f/# 2.5
Layout Aberration-corrected concentric
Entrance Slit Width 20
Bit depth (bits) 12
Maximum Achievable Frame Rate (Hz) 350
Detector pixel pitch 7.4
Max Power/ Max Power with GPS 13/15
Storage Capacity (Gb) 480(~130 minutes at 100fps)
Weight without lens, GPS (lb /kg) 1.2/0.5
Operating Temperature (Celsius) 0 to 50

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