Workswell WIRIS Security

Presenting Workswell’s solution for security and search & rescue operations: The WIRIS Security. This thermal camera is designed for use with drones, or UAVs, and it has a critical role to play in life-and-death situations. In addition to helping teams search for missing persons, the WIRIS Security enhances building and perimeter surveillance, firefighting operations, field research, and wildlife surveys.


WIRIS Security


        • Security Monitoring
        • Thermal and RGB Camera
        • High Resolution
        • Lightweight Design
        • High Compatibility


The WIRIS Security’s thermal camera is built to enhance search and rescue operations. Its high-resolution imager boasts a native resolution of 800×600 px, and it comes with a wide assortment of lenses. The camera offers excellent temperature sensitivity, and is protected by a rugged mechanical case made of lightweight aluminum. Clocking in at 780 grams, the Workswell WIRIS Security is a compact 111x80x103 mm. The thermal camera’s spectral range is aligned with the industry standard for an LWIR camera: 7.5–13.5 μm.


In addition to its highly sensitive thermal camera, the WIRIS Security features a specialized visual band, or RBG, camera. This imager is designed to be highly sensitive during dusk and dawn, delivering a clear image even at a minimum light of 0.0008 lux. Since the focal length and field of vision are variable within the intervals of 129.0 mm – 4.3 mm, or 2.3° – 3.7°,  the camera delivers up to 30x optical ZOOM. What’s more, the WIRIS Security offers a wide range of functionalities, not limited to an automatic switch from day to night mode, fog impact compensation mode, and advanced image stabilisation.


An absolutely unrivalled microbolometer – with a resolution of 800×600 px – positions the WIRIS Security as the clear market leader. No other drone-mounted thermal camera can match its thermal resolution. The WIRIS Security’s detection sensitivity comes in at 40mK, rendering it an indispensable aid to search and rescue operations. The camera’s 35 mm focal length lens offers a 21.2° x 16.2° field of vision, as well as Digital Detail Enhancement functionality for image quality improvement. Two image frequency options are available – 9 Hz and 25 Hz. Video output via the HDMI port is provided as well.


RTSP video streaming, image, and command transfer through Wi-Fi are among the WIRIS’ other functionalities. These features are provided by the RJ 45 Ethernet port.

What’s more, the Workswell WIRIS Security camera is equipped with a built-in SSD disc with 512 GB or 256 GB memory.

Thermal camera specification
IR camera resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Scene range -20 °C to +150 °C (-4 °F to +302 °F)
Temperature sensitivity Extra sensitivity of 0.04 °C (40 mK, 0.072 °F)
Frame rate 25 Hz or 9 Hz
Spectral range / detector 7.5 – 13.5 μm / Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Available lenses 35 mm (21.2° x 16.2°), visit FOV calculator
Digital zoom 1 – 12x continuous
10-pin digital port Interface S.BUS
CAN bus for DJI M600 and A3 controllers
External GPS connectivity & External trigger

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